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How Do I Get A Domain Name?

To get a domain name or just simply, “domain”; you must register it with a domain registrar. You must pay the registrar for your domain. Registrations can be for a minimum of 1 year up to 10 years for most top level domains or "TLDs". You own it for as long as you pay for the registration of it. This is a very simple process that can take about five minutes.

There are many companies on the Internet that provide this service. You may choose to own more than one domain in the future and will want to keep them all registered in one place for convenience. You can also buy existing domains from current owners, re-sellers or at auction. The company you do any of this with is very important. There are many. We have used many different registrars over the years, both US based and offshore. We constantly seek out the best service providers for anything Internet based.

If a domain name is registered already, then you may possibly lease or purchase the domain name from it’s current owner. Many business owners don’t even realize how much value a “commercially viable” domain name will add to their business.

There a quite a few perameters for what makes one ‘.com’ (or any extension) more valuable than another.

We can guide you through our check list for picking a winning domain name for your business that will index highly, be worth substantially more $$ the longer you keep it registered and will add serious value and tangible results for your online business efforts.

Get a local business owners consultation today.

We are proud to offer the easiest way to register more domain names on different extensions (.biz, .guru, .tips, etc.) than any other company serving local business owners: Uniregistry.

You only need to type in your business name or keyword (your city) and don’t worry about the extension (.com etc.)

The system will show you every extension (over 250!) and which ones are registered already and which ones are available.

So try just
yourbusinessname, or no spaces or “dot” anything and see what you can register right now!

By using the Uniregistry domain name registration service, you will have the piece of mind that you will never be marketed to for web hosting, email services, and other various ‘add ons’ that may not need but other registrars will sure try to make you think you need.

You can also rest assured that you will be much less susceptible to spoofing attempts or even domain slamming to a much better degree than any other registrars that aren’t concerned about privacy.

We give you everything you need to register and secure a DOMAIN NAME properly, with no hidden fees, no funny billing practices and everything you need to own a domain name without any extra charges.

Why Do I Need A Domain Name?

White AnchorWeb Icon Domain names are affordable to register - around $10 to $100 a year.

White AnchorWeb Icon Domain names increase in value over time. The longer a domain is registered the more it can be worth.

White AnchorWeb Icon A top level domain name is necessary for proper indexing of your business information.

You need your own domain if you want to secure your personal or business web presence for the future. It as a piece of Internet Real Estate. There can only ever be one "" or “”

If you host a web page (or website) at your domain to allow it to get internet visitors, your domain will be worth more in the future. The longer it is registered and the more traffic it receives over time, the more it could potentially be worth.

Registering a domain and hosting a web page are two different and separate things. Many companies do both - don't confuse the two. You can register your domain with any company and host any web pages on that domain name with a different company if you so choose. AnchorWeb highly recommends you always register domain names yourself.

Contact Us to discuss possible domain names for your business or Internet idea. There is a huge market in the re-selling of domains that are already registered and/or may be for sale and we can show you how to navigate this market or broker a sale for you.

Now that there are literally hundreds of new top level domains becoming available in the coming years, you don’t want to waste your efforts or money on domain names that don’t work for your business efforts.

Local Business Owner Domain Name Tips

Remember: when you register a domain name, it is instant, and there is no refund. If you mis-spell it, or accidentally include a mis-typed character, you can’t cancel it and start over. Use these tips based on our years of ownership at multiple registries and you will be way ahead of your competition.

AnchorWeb Icon A .com (dot com) is almost always best. If you own different versions of the same name you can redirect and to This also keeps any competitors from registering them. New generic top level domain extensions are becoming available each year now. This allows for some really exciting opportunities to get a domain name that just was not possible before. Like: “” instead of “”.

AnchorWeb Icon It is best not to get your primary domain name for "free" or "included with" a hosting package. This may make transferring or even selling it at a later date complicated and you may not even need hosting.

AnchorWeb Icon It is best to buy your domain from a reputable company with a free and easy transfer policy (so you can transfer your domain to a new registrar if you ever want to).

AnchorWeb Icon You can "park" your domain (if you aren't going to put a web page on it) and possibly earn a few bucks from advertising.

AnchorWeb Icon Many companies that offer cheap web hosting will also offer a free domain. This is great but can possibly lead to problems down the road. If you are are registering a domain for your business we don't recommend using a free domain name. Ever.

AnchorWeb Icon The terms "domain", "domain name" and "URL" are almost synonymous. A domain or domain name is just the actual part you chose -- -- and URL is the exact web address for a web browser to find your web page -- --.

AnchorWeb Icon You can write your domain name with a mixture of upper and lower case letters but your URL will always be all lower case in a web browser bar. On your business cards or any printed material you may want to use caps - ie. instead of The three letters 'www' prefix is no longer relevant. You can decide whether or not to use it. Make sure you understand how to inform Google of which version, with or without the ‘www’ you are using, or if you are using both.

AnchorWeb Icon Try to get a domain that has letters and numbers only. Domain names are easier to say verbally the shorter they are and when they don't contain special characters like "-" or "_". If the exact domain you want is taken, you can usually get a variation of it by using a different extension. You now have over 400 to choose from! A small sample:

  • .cool
  • .host
  • .global
  • .bar
  • .restaurant
  • .news
  • .press
  • .club
  • .work
  • .webcam
  • .xyz

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